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Karpathos on the
Theater Caravan (2004)
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Paul Ash and Scott Warren Long form the core of a talented group of musicians.  They do genuine medieval instrumentals and ballads with an Eastern European and Middle Eastern slant.  Paul plays the hurdy-gurdy and Scott plays the recorder and does vocals.  Here they are on our Theater Caravan at the 2004 Lakewood Renaissance Faire.  That's Paul on the right and Scott in the middle, along with Emyrs Ap Morgan on the left.

Paul Ash next to the
Theater Caravan (2004)
Paul Ash
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Karpathos can be seen and heard this year at the New York State Renaissance Faire (held Aug through Sept 2005).  We are currently revising our Troupe program to use their music exclusively.  We cannot praise these musicians enough.  Throw money at them.  Buy their CDs.  Enjoy their music.

Paul and Scott also play with the group Mince Pye and Paul plays with La Notte Dei Cavalieri.  Click Here to go to Mince Pye's Website where you can hear more Renaissance music (and order Mince Pye CDs).

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